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Daniel Williams
What's the secret to becoming a multigenerational advisor?
Article posted by Daniel Williams
What exactly is a multigenerational advisor and what does it take to make it a vital part of your practice?

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Nick Paleveda MBA J.D. LL.M
Tax deductible life insurance: Here we go again
Article posted by Nicholas Paleveda MBA J.D. LL.M
You would think after Neonatology v. Commissioner and the listed transaction rules under 6707A and IRC section 264 that people would stay away from 419 plans as an area where life insurance is tax deductible. But they do not.

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Was trickie Dickie Nixon right on the tight Fed policy?
Article posted by Kevin Startt
There has been much discussion about what period in the past our capital markets resemble today. Is it 1987, a period of rising rates in the spring, currency misstatements, and a giant controversial tax act that led to a crash, albeit short in the Fall? I don’t think so.

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Christopher P. Hill, RFC
10 reasons annuities make sense in a retirement plan
Article posted by Christopher P. Hill
With life expectancies greater than ever, retirement could very likely be the longest phase of our client’s lives. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative for retirees to have a plan in place that: Provides the ability to spend and enjoy their money in retirement, and protects them from “living too long” and outliving their income.

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Ed McCarthy
Variable universal life insurance: weighing the pros and cons
Article posted by Ed McCarthy
VUL generates strong reactions among advisors — some swear by it while others swear at it.

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