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Greg Preite
Are you courting prospects or pushing for a marriage commitment?
Article posted by Greg Preite
It’s rare that rational, level-headed adults make major decisions on an impulse — especially decisions that impact their future.

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Lew Nason
Most people have unrealistic expectations for money invested in the market
Article posted by Lew Nason
If you listen to the people selling stocks, bonds and mutual funds, brokerage firms and magazine articles; just about all of them want you to believe that you can average around 10 percent a year investing in actively managed funds. However, there is a significant problem with what they are telling you.

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Indexed universal life 101
Article posted by Jon A. Scaman
Life insurance is a primary way of fulfilling both the retirement and estate planning needs of consumers. One of the most popular methods for pre-retirees to add to their overarching portfolio is through an indexed universal life (IUL) policy.

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Three reasons to say thanks a little latte for college funding
Article posted by Kevin Startt
With over 90 million Americans looking for work, according to the Department of Labor, the idea of college education funds for parents is becoming an enormous obstacle.

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Michael Markey
4 myths Dave Ramsey is spreading about fixed annuities (and how to overcome them)
Article posted by Michael Markey
When did it become acceptable to blame the tool rather than the carpenter for a job poorly done?

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