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Curtis Hawks
The importance of offering a second opinion and policy review
Article posted by Curtis Hawks MBA
In any industry with personalized professional service, a second opinion or check up is a valuable way to ensure progress and uncover any potential missed opportunities. For an agent or advisor, not only is a policy review part of reinforcing quality of services to a client, it may also present other business.

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Ed McCarthy
Working with the affluent retiree market
Article posted by Ed McCarthy
If your goal for 2015 is to add fewer, but wealthier retirement planning clients, you have to read these tips.

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Matt Parke
Annuities: Choosing the right tool for the job
Article posted by Matt Parke
When it comes to your clients, helping them select the best options on a fixed indexed annuity (FIA) can make it the right tool for retirement income.

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Vanessa De La Rosa
The top 20 variable and fixed annuity sales in 2014
Article posted by Vanessa De La Rosa
Here is a complete breakdown of the top 20 rankings for variable, fixed, and total annuity sales in 2014.

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Sean A. Ruggiero, CEP
Why the QLAC is the biggest news in 33 years
Article posted by Sean Ruggiero
Just like the 401(k) revolutionized retirement savings for Americans in 1981, the QLAC regulations will be the next step in the evolution of Government-initiated concepts to help Americans survive in retirement.

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