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Daniel W. McDonald
All volatility-controlled indices are NOT created equal
Article posted by Daniel W. McDonald
As index annuities gain popularity, competition for market share is fierce, and volatility-controlled indices have become an industry standard — but how do they actually work?

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Warren Hersch
M Financial: a producer group with a unique value proposition
Article posted by Warren Hersch
The distributor of life insurance and other financial products and services says the unit avails its advisors of competitive advantages — tailored solutions at unbeatable prices for the high net worth — that they would hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

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Daniel W. McDonald
7 reasons why one index annuity is a top seller
Article posted by Daniel W. McDonald
With countless additions and retractions of benefits, expenses, subaccounts and indexing options, there is only one annuity that offers the most benefits with no annual charge or M&E fee.

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3 reasons why the budget bill is a retirement income ripoff
Article posted by Kevin Startt
U.S. Senator, Elizabeth Warren and Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, find themselves squeezing revenue from the same advisor faucet but with different motives.

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Steven McCarty
Annuity perks: Don't say you weren't "Warrened"!
Article posted by Steven McCarty
U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren believes “annuity agents are more interested in earning perks than in acting in their clients’ best interest can place Americans’ savings and retirement security at risk.” She sees cruises, trips to glamorous foreign cities, and diamond-encrusted Super Bowl-style rings as conflicts of interest that can lead to unsuitable sales.

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