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Christopher P. Hill, RFC
Debunking the top 6 myths of variable annuities
Article posted by Christopher P. Hill
If VAs are really a bad investment for every person, in every situation, then nobody would ever own one – and the VA industry would not exist today.

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Matt Eilers
5 reasons why your appointment process stinks
Article posted by Matthew Eilers
Harsh article title right? Are you freaking out yet? If that is you, then rest assured we are going to help you better understand some of these common mistakes that advisors make when meeting with prospects and clients.

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How to build a $55 million practice
Article posted by David Port
A simple rebranding initiative took a New Jersey-based financial firm to $55 million in assets under management in just 18 months.

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Kim O
DOL update: When is uniformity not uniform?
Article posted by Kim O'Brien
The DOL has spent years preparing the messaging, and the public relations work that has gone into “selling” their Rule has been impressive. In the end, the PR is about a few assumptions.

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Jane Rusoff
Why Ken Fisher still hates annuities
Article posted by Jane Wollman Rusoff
The Fisher Investments founder discusses the "lies" annuity salespeople tell and how he buys clients out of their surrender fees.

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