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Christopher P. Hill, RFC
What do balloons and the stocks have in common? They both geometrically inflate
Article posted by Christopher P. Hill
Most of us have seen a clown or magician who blows up balloons and transforms them into lively shapes and sizes. Watching these balloon experts in action can be quite an entertaining experience. They are very talented and make their craft look so easy.

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Sheryl J. Moore
100 facts people need to know about annuities
Article posted by Sheryl Moore
Did you know that that the #1 fear of Americans is outliving their retirement income? (Death comes-in as the second top fear.) What an awesome opportunity for our industry to educate, right?

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Emily Zulz
Robo-advisors will need humans — yes, humans — to grow business: Cerulli
Article posted by Emily Zulz
New research from global analytics firm Cerulli Associates suggests that technology innovations will help grow — not hinder —an advisor’s business.

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Rich Lane
The top 5 fixed annuity benefits to discuss with clients
Article posted by Rich Lane
The opportunity to make investments with a guaranteed minimum rate of return is just one of the reasons why fixed annuities are gaining steam.

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Sean A. Ruggiero, CEP RICP
The 1 percent advantage: How to win with holistic planning
Article posted by Sean Ruggiero
If you sell annuities, or sell against them, you’ve certainly encountered a sales pitch boasting a higher guaranteed withdrawal rate vs. a “safe” withdrawal rate from a stock/bond portfolio.

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