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Allison Bell
Web brokers tell they can't be agent cops
Article posted by Allison Bell
Exchange plan distributors say they have no interest in policing the retail agents' websites

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Dan Cook
Study: Women with invisible disabilities suffer more at work
Article posted by Dan Cook
Disabilities at work make life more difficult for women than men. And when the disability falls into the “nonvisible disability” category, women suffer even more.

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Brian Leising
The Eight Elements of Extended Care Riders
Article posted by Brian Leising
Here are eight of the major distinguishing features of extended care riders offered on life insurance contracts. All include some combination of the eight elements. This allows you to find the right formula for each client.

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Disability insurance »

Don’t get ‘pinkwashed’: Be smart when donating for breast cancer
Article posted by Benefits Pro
Are you ready for the annual pinking of America? If it's dyeable or wrappable, it's pink: footballs and football stadiums, lunch meat packages and juice bottles, buses and beauty products

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Marlene Satter
9 ways to ward off unexpected medical bills
Article posted by Marlene Y. Satter
While some states do have some protections in place to keep patients from being buried under overwhelming bills arising out of out-of-network services, many do not.

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