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Tye Elliott
The key to targeting millennials
Article posted by Tye Elliott
As a broker, it’s essential to help your clients see the value to truly understanding the needs of their growing millennial workforce.

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Health Care Reform >>

Michael Mahoney
The 10 essential health benefits covered under the Affordable Care Act
Article posted by Michael Mahoney
Although the 10 essential health benefits are now covered with no annual limits or lifetime maximums, many Americans might not know what these benefits include. Now is the time to learn about the 10 essential health benefits and take advantage of your and your clients' health plans.

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Medicare and Medicaid >>

Mike Anthony
When Medicaid and tax rules collide
Article posted by Mike Anthony, JD, CMP™
I noticed several incongruities between long-term care Medicaid rules and tax rules that every advisor should know and understand. So before you get too busy filling out your 1040, I thought I’d recap some good ways to make sure you and your clients are ready.

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Long Term Care >>

Steve Savant
Will LTC products that are linked drive standalone policies extinct?
Article posted by Steve Savant
It’s always interesting how consumer perception works in real life. They buy term life insurance and invest the difference rather than buy cash value life insurance. But they buy cash value long-term care in a hybrid policy instead of a standalone policy. It’s seems to be counterintuitive.

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Disability insurance >>

Daniel Steenerson
How to slash DI premiums by up to 35 percent
Article posted by Daniel Steenerson, CLU, ChFC, RHU
For 29 years, I diligently followed the old school teachings and have embraced non-cancelable and guaranteed renewable policies. Not anymore. It’s a new day.

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