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Allison Bell
Zika virus: What you need to know
Article posted by Allison Bell
It's hurting babies, it's causing panic, and it may get your clients thinking about their coverage.

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Health Care Reform »

Stephanie Shields
3 services brokers should highlight in 2016
Article posted by Stephanie Shields
With robust benefits packages in high demand, it is important that brokers are knowledgeable about the new benefits their clients should offer to better deliver on their employees’ needs.

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Medicare and Medicaid »

Keith Pellerin
A look ahead at 2016 health care trends
Article posted by J. Keith Pellerin
2015 brought constant change to the health care industry, and it looks as though the same can be expected for 2016. While it can be hard to predict exactly what will happen in the new year, brokers who are able to educate themselves will continue to have opportunities to position themselves as trusted advisers.

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Long Term Care »

Keith Pellerin
The Cadillac Tax: What does it mean for your clients?
Article posted by J. Keith Pellerin
One of the biggest issues people have with the tax is whether or not it will mean the end of pre-tax benefits like flexible spending accounts (FSAs) and whether it will shift an increasing portion of health care costs to employees.

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Disability insurance »

Kelly Moser
Don’t talk about disability insurance like you talk about Star Wars
Article posted by Kelly Moser
Think about how many times you’ve spent your client meetings going on and on about the bells and whistles you can put on their policies and how you’ve managed to cut costs to help them achieve, yet the clients just weren’t interested.

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