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Bill Coffin
​A letter from the editor on Hobby Lobby
Article posted by Bill Coffin
Hi, everyone. Bill Coffin here. I am the Group Editorial Director of Summit’s insurance media, which includes both editions of National Underwriter, Claims, and Retirement Advisor. I also oversee our digital efforts, which are the core of our business, and which include LifeHealthPro, PropertyCasualty360 and ProducersWEB.

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Jeff Reed
Living and dying with dignity: The right combination of life, LTC and critical illness
Article posted by Jeff Reed
We have discussed the merits of LTC and chronic illness riders in this forum on more than one occasion, always in an effort to understand the nuances that differentiate one offering from another. The hope, of course, is that there is a clear winner. The reality, unfortunately, is much more complicated.

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Chris Orestis
LTC for employees' loved ones is costing businesses $74 billion annually
Article posted by Chris Orestis
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, businesses lose an average of 2.8 million work days each year due to unplanned absences, costing employers nearly $74 billion. In fact, the impact on employment is so significant that 11 percent of workers will take a leave of absence and 10 percent ultimately will quit their jobs.

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Tye Elliott
Open enrollment: Early engagement with clients is the key to an effective open enrollment season
Article posted by Tye Elliott
Even though the open enrollment period is months away, savvy decision-makers should start strategically thinking about health care benefits and how they can affect the business. By having the conversation now, advisors can help clients understand the changing health care landscape and assess the needs of their workforce to offer the best health plans to employees.

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Nichole Morford
100 best sales & marketing ideas: 21-30
Article posted by Nichole Morford
Consider these small adjustments to the way you sell, and you may be looking at a banner year in 2014.

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