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Marlene Satter
Want to live longer in retirement?
Article posted by Marlene Y. Satter
Or are you more worried about outliving your retirement savings?

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William Byrnes
Small business gets year-end relief for health reimbursements
Article posted by William H. Byrnes, Esq.
Small employers have long struggled to find health care solutions in order to both offer assistance in funding health insurance for employees and comply with the sometimes-onerous Affordable Care Act restrictions.

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Brian Leising
Senior clientele? Six tips to open more life insurance sales
Article posted by Brian Leising
Unfortunately many advisors make only one product sale per household and  never ask their clients about other potential life insurance planning needs. If you were able to uncover the need for one insurance product, why couldn’t you uncover another?

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Paul Wilson
What were the best and worst industry trends in 2016?
Article posted by Paul Wilson
We asked some industry experts what they thought worked and didn't this year in the employee benefits industry. Here's what they had to say.

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