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Dan McGrath
The invincibility mindset vs. the need for LTCI
Article posted by Dan McGrath
One thing is a fact of life — health happens. And when health happens, it does not care about our own personal goals and desires.

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Kelly Moser
What the Seattle Seahawks can teach you about selling insurance
Article posted by Kelly Moser
As the wife of a dedicated Packers fan, I probably shouldn’t be writing this, but I think there are quite a few things the Seahawks can teach insurance professionals, especially in regard to selling disability insurance.

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Bridgette O
What are the HIPAA audits? How do they affect me?
Article posted by Bridgette O'Connor
The government is knocking on doors of agencies like yours to determine how well you protect the client information you store. Since 2013, you have been accountable for the security of this information, and the government is now enforcing that liability. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) plans to audit covered entities and business associates in 2015.

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Rebecca Kincaid
Life Insurance: a dirty word, but a powerful gift
Article posted by Rebecca Kincaid
So many people like what life insurance can do, but they don’t like insurance. So many people need life insurance and could put it to great use, but just don’t know how or why.

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Allison Bell
2015 health insurance outlook: 7 predictions
Article posted by Allison Bell
Last year, the PPACA hammer was about to fall. Today, it's still falling. We take a look at past predictions and the forecast for 2015.

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