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I never promised you a rose garden, Part I
Article posted by Steve Drozdeck
This is a mentor's letter to a financial advisor who is feeling burnt out and has possibly reached a production plateau. The mentor offers some sage advice which you may relate to.

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Health Care Reform »

Danielle Andrus
Now you need even more money for health care in retirement: EBRI
Article posted by Danielle Andrus
Increased cost projections for how much retirees will need to save to pay for health care in retirement.

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Marlene Satter
10 big influencers on ACA repeal efforts
Article posted by Marlene Y. Satter
Despite repeated assurances from Republicans that their first order of business under a Trump administration would be the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, here it is halfway through February and there hasn’t been much progress on that front.

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Paul Wilson
What do you love most about working in the benefits industry?
Article posted by Paul Wilson
Almost everyone has that one moment that solidified why they do what they do. Here are a few examples of why our readers work in benefits.

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Marlene Satter
5 worst states for group health insurance
Article posted by Marlene Y. Satter
How good your employer-sponsored health insurance is may depend on three main factors: geographic region, industry, and employer size.

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