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Bernice Napach
How to save retired clients thousands in Medicare costs
Article posted by Bernice Napach
Wealthier clients can save tens of thousands of dollars in Medicare premiums by using savings vehicles that the government doesn't consider in its income calculations.

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Health Care Reform »

Allison Bell
7 ideas for improving long-term care insurance
Article posted by Allison Bell
Longtime patient advocate Bonnie Burns shows regulators her recommendations for saving aging boomers.

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Medicare and Medicaid »

Michael Thomas
ACA in 2016: 10 changes to the Affordable Care Act
Article posted by Michael D. Thomas
Here are some of the important things to be aware of regarding changes to the Affordable Care Act in 2016.

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Long Term Care »

Allison Bell
10 states where older people are suffocating
Article posted by Allison Bell
Lung disease can be a problem even in the healthier states.

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Disability insurance »

Phyllis F
Debunking five common myths about disability insurance
Article posted by Phyllis Falotico
Many clients will come up with many different excuses to avoid buying health insurance. Here's five facts for advisors to use in order to help their clients better understand the value of disability insurance.

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