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Kristen Beckman
6 fitness resources for your senior clients
Article posted by Kristen Beckman
May 25 is National Senior Health and Fitness Day. Share these tips with your clients to keep them healthy and active during retirement.

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10 easy HSA FAQs
Article posted by Benefits Pro
HSAs continue to be popular choice among employees due to their advantages. Here are 10 common questions clients may ask about HSAs.

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Allison Bell
Court ruling threatens $5 billion in PPACA insurer subsidy payments
Article posted by Allison Bell
A federal judge says HHS needs a congressional appropriation to make PPACA cost-sharing reduction subsidy payments.

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LTC Global Agency
The role of technology in long-term care insurance
Article posted by Violet Swenson
Here are seven benefits, often financial, technology can bring to the long-term care insurance; a type of insurance that is notorious for being extremely expensive.

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