5 reasons insurance agents failBlog added by David Shields on June 25, 2012
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Here are some tips for producers on how to be successful that may be of value to you if you're new to the field.

​I recently read an online conversation about why agents fail. Many shared their experiences and divulged what works for them to achieve success in insurance. Here are some common themes that may be of value to you if you're new to the field.
  • Lack of insurance agent training — While proper training can be quite an investment, many agents stress this to be the most important component to getting started as an agent. Spinning their wheels without the right education, many agents find themselves knee-deep in common pitfalls.

  • Not having an insurance sales system — Another common theme is that having a system prevents agents from doing ineffective things such as focusing on the wrong clients. Purchasing leads and cold calling is simply not enough to achieve insurance sales income – there should be a comprehensive system.

  • Failing to treat insurance clients right — From taking too long to mail the client their policy to avoiding phone calls regarding your clients’ questions and problems, jilting the client will come back to get you.

  • Not targeting the right insurance prospects —
    A classic newbie mistake, pushing annuities onto every senior across the country isn’t the way to go. With the right training and an effective system, you can spend your time where it counts.

  • Expecting too much insurance sales income too soon — A license isn’t enough to soar high, and you need to pay your dues, according to many agents. Do not quit; do whatever it takes and remember that a lot of it is trial and error.
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