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A Facebook call to action, and an attempt to figure out why you're not on it.

A lot of insurance agencies and professionals still don’t have Facebook. A quick glace at the websites of our Twitter followers (including non-profit organizations, agencies, advisors and news sources) confirms that only about half of them utilize Facebook pages.

Many of our writers rave about the benefits of Facebook. Everyone and their mom is on it, and it’s completely free to set up a profile. Advertising on Facebook is relatively inexpensive, too. And when you consider the sheer number of Facebook users — at least 870 million monthly active users* — it seems silly not to use it for your business.

But for whatever reason, many advisors and agencies have opted out of Facebook. I noticed that many have blogs, RSS feeds and Twitter accounts, but no links to Zuckerberg-land. Why is that?

Perhaps it’s because many people prefer to use Facebook to post pictures of their kids and connect with old college friends or distant family.

Allow me to remind you, though, that a lot of people, likely those same ones using Facebook to showcase their toddler’s latest haircut, use the platform to connect with the brands that they like. A 2011 study conducted by the Edison Research and Arbitron found that 80 percent of social media users prefer Facebook when connecting with brands.

Allow me to remind you, too, that agencies are their own brands. Even individual advisors dramatically benefit from branding. If you aren’t using Facebook yet, here’s my call to action to run, not walk, to the bandwagon, jump on and don’t look back. And while you’re at it, please comment below about why you’re not on it yet.

*Editor’s note: Facebook reported this week that approximately 83 million, or almost 9 percent, of Facebook’s 955 million monthly users are fake or duplicate profiles. Click here for details.
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