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Jeff Reed

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We all find ourselves asking that very question this time of year, and while my list is filled with family, friends and colleagues, I find myself thinking of one more item on my list this year: my profession.

Like most of you, the creative, rewarding nature of our work is a big part of the reason I continue to be so passionate about what I do. Currently, however, I am more than a bit concerned about our business.

The current economy and state of our federal budget are creating a climate that has the potential to harm our business in very significant ways. The threat level posed by potential changes to taxation of insurance products is at an all-time high, and the resulting damage will impact our practices, our incomes and our clients' financial security. This is more than likely not news to any of you.

What may be news, however, is the higher level of organization and collaboration that this has created among the various industry groups to which we all belong. ACLI, AALU, NAIFA, NAILBA, GAMA and IRI have all combined their efforts, along with a number of our carriers, to create a website — Securefamily.org — dedicated to informing producers and the public alike about the threat to financial security that some of the possible budget changes represent.

This is important in any number of ways, but the most critical is the platform the site creates to have a unified voice on these issues. Frankly, even as strong as the groups mentioned above are individually, the collective influence we wield when working together has the potential to dwarf the individual efforts of any one organization.

As we all reflect on and acknowledge the positive impact our profession has had on our lives and those of our clients, I encourage you to take the time to click through to Securefamily.org to see just how important our industry is to the national and state economies, as well as personal financial security. While you are on the site, perhaps take the time to sign the petition declaring your support for the industry that has given us all so very much.

Enjoy the holiday with your loved ones!
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