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This article discusses a systematic approach to enhancing your magnetic marketing efforts. It examines each of the components of this diagram to show how professional marketers create their brands and promote their products and services.

A comment on leveraging and work effort...

It’s a mistaken belief that working hard will automatically lead to success. It can, but you also have to work smart. You must have the right tools and approaches and be adapt able to changing circumstances. Assuming that you have the right tools and knowledge, consider how leverage might increase your effectiveness.

1) As long as you are working hard – making phone calls and getting yourself known -- you can increase the possibility of becoming a huge success. However, pushing the stone using all of your personal or team strength requires a massive effort – realizing that you can only do so much by yourself before you become exhausted.

2) You can also leverage your efforts with other people and different approaches that would lead to increased rewards. Using a lever allows you more “bang for the buck” with less effort. Here we’ll concentrate on how to disseminate your knowledge more quickly, thoroughly and effectively.

3) When you use a lever AND a fulcrum, the power of your individual and team efforts is dramatically amplified. You use less time and effort for the same level of success. Or, put another way, the same time and effort will dramatically increase the size of your success.

Leveraging your prospecting efforts with a more robust social media effort while developing your brand and credibility is the most effective approach.

Broad Overview of Magnetic Marketing

Imagine this potential scenario…

  • You make an audio recording of some sort of presentation on a topic of interest to your prospects. (In this example assume that you’ve done a telephone seminar to a number of clients.)

  • Record the seminar and then make the recording - full or edited - available to prospects and clients for them to hear on their smart phones, tablets or computers.

    They’re allowed to forward the recording to like-minded friends and family.

  • A series of different seminar recordings can become a CD or DVD that you distribute to prospects, clients and strategic alliances. You can also post the recordings as podcasts on popular platforms

  • A transcript of the recording can be used to create articles that can be placed in newspapers or magazines and eventually become a book. Each of the core components can also be used in social media, to prospects, clients and centers of influence in order to magnetically attract other people to you.

    One presentation, with a little extra work, can bring more people to you in a variety of ways. That is leveraging your time and efforts.

    Magnetic Marketing --- In greater detail …

    Let’s examine the components one at a time. While each individual component can be significantly expanded, the synopsis here should offer you a number of ideas for your consideration.

    The entire sequence that you’re about to review can be implemented by almost any agent/advisor. (I’m assuming no compliance restrictions. Even with certain restrictions, you can probably implement the vast majority of these suggestions (other than the book) for less than $500. Yes, there will be a learning curve and a time/effort requirement, but the monetary contribution is minimal.

    Important Note: FREE resources are available for some of the components will be made available at the end of the paper by sending an email to the author.
    Additionally, an entire training/coaching webinar series is available that will lead participants step-by-step through the entire process of dramatically leveraging their marketing efforts and effectiveness.

    Again we’ll start by using a recorded telephone seminar or webinar as our starting point.

    Remembering the principles of using leverage, it makes sense to deliver your message to as many people as possible using different marketing channels.

    Seminar or Teleseminar or Webinar

    Rather than giving a one-on-one presentation, you give a “one-on-many presentation” by conducting a:

    • Seminar in front of a group of people

    • A teleseminar in which your prospects and clients can attend via the telephone

    • And/or a Webinar that they can attend on their computer or mobile device.

    Each of the above have advantages and disadvantages regarding time/effort/cost to implement, credibility attained, etc.

    (There are numerous free or inexpensive resources available to you. Please request the resource .zip file for this and other topics discussed in this article. Additionally, teleseminars and webinars should follow a particular format and sequence to maximize effectiveness.

    The point of leverage is to maximize your opportunities. The next step in the is actually meeting with people “one on one” and converting them from prospects to clients.

    Record the seminar

    The audio recording of the seminar can be edited using free software and made available to clients and prospects.

    You can offer the resulting mp3 in its entirety and/or break it up into smaller segments for redistribution as discussed next.

    Recording software is probably already available on your computer. You may wish to purchase a decent microphone or headset to help ensure better voice quality. (See resources .zip). Also, there is free audio editing software available to eliminate any errors or “umms”, insert additional commentary, add music, etc. It’s all rather easy and you can easily delegate most of the work.

    The mp3 can be played on anyone’s computer, smart phone, tablet, mp3 player, etc.

    Depending on the topic, they may pass on the mp3 to some of their friends and you begin to go viral among a select group of people who are interested in the subject. Of course, with appropriate compliance approval, you may also use social media and other marketing strategies to a wider audience.

    For example, consider posting the mp3 to iTunes and other outlets that host podcasts. With the appropriate use of tags and descriptions your podcast may be heard by an even larger audience of thousands of people throughout your region or, for that matter, the world.

    Additionally, you can merge the mp3 with PowerPoint slides and create a presentation suitable for YouTube or for use on a CD/DVD or a website.

    Create a CD / DVD of your collected works

    Once you’ve created a series of talks on various aspects of your topic, you can put them onto a CD/DVD and distribute to other prospects. When you meet a new prospect, hand them the CD. Give the CD series to current clients, Centers of Influence, Strategic Alliances and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

    For example, a series of talks on educational funding could be offered on CD to various schools in the area. The kids take the CD home or the school distributes it at a PTA meeting and now you have reached a significantly larger audience.

    A few years ago I helped a financial advisor create a series of topics on educational funding that he distributed in a manner similar to what was just described. His results were tremendous.

    Enhanced transcript

    The original, edited mp3 can be transcribed and enhanced with additional commentary and illustrations. “Enhancement” includes formatting, pictures/illustrations, branding, etc.

    Repeating a very important point: Whether you’re thinking about transcripts, CDs or blogs – you don’t have to do everything yourself. Do what you do best. Certainly you want to approve the materials, but let the other “stuff” be handled by others. They’re probably better at it than you are. Plus there are some good voice to print dictation programs available.

    Article and blog distribution

    Maybe you might be create a series of articles from the transcription. Shorter articles are generally better than longer articles and can be placed in a variety of places, while being emailed to your prospects and clients. Make sure your articles are visually appealing. People expect it. You may be able to ask your firm’s advertising and sales promotion department for assistance.

    Another marketing idea is to offer shorter articles to local or regional magazines. As with many newspapers and journals, they are constantly searching for good, new content.

    Of course, you can take segments of any articles and create blog posts which bring people to a webinar or to your website.

    Realize that a bog is a series of smaller articles. Think of it this way: one speech can become one or two white papers, which can become five to twenty articles, which can be fifty to two hundred blog posts. Remember: Slice & Dice.

    Your local newspaper might be able to use the article as part of a series on your topic. If so, instant credibility.

    Consider doing a series: Your picture and byline shown on a regular basis is worth its weight in gold.

    Don’t forget other magazines, such as parenting magazines (for the ongoing educational funding example) for your local area. They are usually looking for new content and don’t have the writing staff to do it all themselves. So, be gracious and give them a piece of your mind in the form of articles or interviews.

    White papers ((longer articles – perhaps the complete original transcript of your presentation) can also be created. Make sure you get someone else to edit the materials. English/literature students/teachers or secretaries are often good editors and can help translate the spoken word into the written word.

    Again, remember that it should also be visually appealing.


    String enough articles together or combine a few white papers and you have a book.


    Books are very simple and inexpensive to create. You can use services such as Amazon.com to produce an electronic or print version of your book. Interestingly, you can check with various book printers and get prices that are only slightly more expensive than some four color brochures. By The Way: you can have your books printed on demand or you may be order a few hundred copies for as little as $3 or $4 each.

    (The resources .zip provides additional information on how to quickly, easily become an author. If you're interested in attending a seminar on book publishing or want immediate assistance in writing/publishing a book, please contact lyn@high5communications.com)

    The beauty of a book, besides HUGE CREDIBILITY, is that people receiving an autographed copy of the book rarely throw it away. Instead it goes into their bookshelf or on to the coffee table. Again, there is an entire strategy to implement here.

    Books are also great to give to strategic alliances and Centers of Influence. Hand two or three copies to your best clients and ask them to give it to their friends. Of course, there are all sorts of strategies to market yourself when you have a book. It’s unbelievable.

    Social Media

    Throughout this entire process you can also offer the various items you produce to the various social media sites you belong to, while simultaneously increasing your web presence.

    The mp3 and and/or electronic version of the book can be offered on various social media sites to groups interested in your subject matter.

    You can select specific target audiences or offer it to a broad range of people. Offer your mp3/article/white paper for free. Some of them are going to contact you and want to use your services.

    Of course, you don’t limit yourself to mere social media platforms to achieve your goals. You use other tools such as being a guest blogger, articles in an ezine, newspapers and CDs to get the word out.

    Now you are magnetically attracting people to you.

    It all started with simply recording a presentation that you’ve probably made hundreds of times – but now you’re getting leverage from your efforts.

    It’s all in the strategies you employ.

    If you have any questions contact Steven Drozdeck at MagneticMktg@aol.com or call him at 435-753-8848 (eastern)

    If you would like the resources zip file and be informed of the seminar series, please send an email to MagneticMktg@aol.com and put Resources zip file in the subject line.

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