The untold values of life insurance, continuedBlog added by Robert Goldsmith on July 14, 2014

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I remember when I first started in the business how so many people (my friends, of course) thought the purchase of life insurance was just a waste of money. For me to encourage my friends and family to buy life insurance was only "taking advantage" of my relationships to generate commission. They told me how I would never make it in the business, but 32 years later, I can assure each and every one of them just how wrong they were!

It took nearly a decade before I paid my first claim, and that was a child rider for a friend. That was the beginning of the real beginning for me. Since then, I've honestly only had to pay a little more than perhaps a dozen claims, but as you grow attached to your clients, they all become your friends.

However, as of late, a couple have really gotten to me. You see, after my client Ann passed on and I wrote my entry on the value of life insurance, it was only one week to the day that I got call about another client, one I didn't anticipate nor could I possibly write about, until now. Because the call came from my sister and the client was my mom.

Needless to say, the toughest client call of all.

Mom did have a small plan that I put in place for her about 15 years ago, that afforded my sisters and me the opportunity to provide her the final respect she deserved. We were able to fly my family to New York from all over the country for her services so that each of them could personally pay their respects to an incredible woman. And as you know, to do so on short notice can cost you a small fortune in airline and hotel expenses, particularly in New York where we were able to lay Mom to rest at a military cemetery alongside my dad.

So, please allow me to share with you one lasting sentiment. If, as a financial advisor, all you are doing is selling annuities because that is "where the money is," then you are missing one of the most important components of a proper financial plan: the foundation, which is life insurance. Rest in peace, Mom.
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