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Top recruiters make recruiting their top priority until it becomes second nature; they make it a way of life. Listed below are just a few of the things that top recruiters do on a regular basis.

Recruiting is like a puzzle — you need to use all the pieces. Listed below are a lot of the pieces to the puzzle:

1. Recruit every day

2. Run newspaper ads on a consistent basis

3. Search the Internet for prospects or post their openings

4. Network with P&C agents (or with any special agents or financial planners who might be able to send business their way).

5. Get referrals from their agents

6. Promote a recruiting bonus with their agents (new agents work this program the best)

7. Send letters and call agents from other companies, trying to get to know them so that they might recruit them now or in the future.

8. Get referrals from new agents hired by asking questions. Who would you recommend that might also be good at this?

9. Do mailings to potential prospects (coaches, teachers, etc.)

10. Prospect their current policy base and get referrals from them. (This is a great source)

11. Ask for referrals on each sales call they make.

12. Ask agents that they hire from other companies who they know or recommend from where they were working.

13. Contact (recruit) the writing agent on policies they replace.

14. Have their agents bring in the names of agents on policies they replace.

15. Call ads of the competition in the paper (get to know who runs them and add them to your prospect base), complement them on their ads and make conversation and request a lunch or a meeting to compare notes in the future.

16. Talk to past employers, co-workers, friends and relatives.
17. Post business cards on bulletin boards and pick up business cards that are already on them.

18. Call signs on utility poles.

19. Use fish bowls

20. Prospect the insurance schools (Make sure your agents going to school have your business cards with them. Remind them of the recruiting bonus) Talk to the instructors let them know how many students you plan to send there. Network with the instructors.

21. Job placement agencies. Often, religious organizations have job headquarters and can help provide prospects. Social services have them, as well.

22. Hold an open house sales meeting for P&C agents, etc. Have guest speakers in and invite them to the meeting.

23. Record all their ad calls, not only to determine how many calls they got, but also use them as a future reference base.

24. C.E. classes are a great networking base; however, they are giving way to modern technology (classes on the Internet).

25. D.O.I. lists (Agent lists can often be located online).

26. Val Packs provided to new neighbors through the local Chamber.

27. Keep a list of everyone you work with in the business and everyone you try to recruit.
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