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When you first cold call a prospect, what is the biggest thing you are scared of? Every cold caller’s fear is getting hung up on.

This happens a lot, and will still happen even if you are a top producer. Some of the biggest and most common mistakes people make when cold calling is having an introduction similar to everyone else that cold calls the prospect. Example:

"Hi Mrs. Smith, this is (your name) with (company name)." Then they end with a question like, “How are you today?"

What is the first thing that comes to your mind if someone said that to you if you answered the phone? Something probably along the lines of "I don't know that company," and as soon as you hear them ask how you are, you know they are trying to ease their way in to sell you something.

What you need to do is open up the sentence with details upfront. I sell pre-set appointment programs to financial advisors to get in front of new prospects to close business. Here is one of my introductions I use:

"Hi (their first name), this is (my name). I was just calling to see if you would be interested in a pre-set appointment program to get you in front of prospects who currently hold investments."

This is straight and upfront, and enables you to find out whether or not the prospect even needs/wants your service. I would say 80 percent of the calls where I used this introduction told me, "Go on..."

This is a straight-to-the-point approach; the only question they are asking themselves is, "Well, do I need/want that?"

It’s like this: When someone asks me what I do for work, instead of saying, "I sell marketing programs to advisors," I name my company and follow with, “We are the nation’s leader for pre-set appointment programs for financial advisors and insurance agents to get in front of new prospects to conduct business."

You don't want to make it too long, but on the same note, you want to be detailed and informative, peaking interest to the person hearing it. Set your set apart from competition, and don't sound like the next cold caller calling them.
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