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What is your New Year's resolution? According to www.usa.gov, the most popular resolution is losing weight, followed closely by managing debt, saving more money and getting a better job.

Everyone should have a personal goal they strive for, but we all know that the odds are against us. And by the time the Super Bowl comes along, most of us will have already forgotten our New Year's resolution.

Personally, I have decided to combine my personal goals and my business goals. To hold myself more accountable, I am going to report my progress each month in my columns.
    1.) Weight loss: I will lose 60 pounds in 2009. I will "lose" those employees working for me who weigh both myself and others down, ultimately keeping us all from performing to a higher standard.

    2.) Manage debt: On a personal note, I will not make any impulse purchases in 2009. If I see something I want, I will put it down, think about it for 24 hours and decide if I really need it. As a business owner, I will do the same for my company and employees. Does staying at the Sheraton outweigh the Holiday Inn? Maybe it does if I receive more reward points that I can put toward a free room on my next trip, but I will take the time to evaluate each of these purchases carefully.

    3.) Saving more money: My wife and I should be putting away a minimum of 10 percent into savings, and we should be doing the same for our business. In 2009, I will make every effort to save more each month.

    4.) Getting a better job: Personally, I enjoy going to work and the issues related to owning your own business. On a business level, getting a better job means offering a wider variety of voluntary services, cross-selling with a wider array of brokers and maximizing the services we can offer our clients. Another side of this involves getting the most out of my employees and helping them get better jobs. Whether that job is with my company or not remains to be determined.
Many of the events that occurred in 2008 will remain with us through the rest of our lives. Who could forget historic economic downfalls followed by the largest Ponzi scheme the world has ever seen. Three car companies begging for money like panhandlers on the streets of Detroit. Record numbers of unemployment and home foreclosures. And let's not forget the extreme weather and soaring gas prices we all muddled through.

All of these events combined to make 2008 a challenging and memorable year for all of us.

So, I wish you all a very happy, safe and prosperous 2009.

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