Controversial New Book Addressing the Realities of How Obamacare and Rising HealthCare Costs are Impacting Retirement and Retirees is a Best Selling Retirement BookNewsPress Release added by Dan McGrath on January 30, 2014
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Recent Press and Reviews Catapult New Small Press Book Written by Seven Retirement Experts to the Top 10 on Amazon!

Leading retirement experts provide key facts and solutions for navigating health care in retirement and keeping Medicare from consuming your Social Security.

PRINCETON (January 31, 2014) Recent press including articles on and other outlets have propelled a small press book to best seller status on Amazon. Seven leading retirement experts pooled their knowledge into acollaborative effort called “What You Don’t Know About Retirement Will Hurt You!” because they were concerned that few advisers and pundits were reporting on the concerns of rising health care costs concerns on retirees being caused byObamacare and current economic condition.

The book provides the latest information, facts and solutions related to the most pivotal areas of retirement planning. Dan McGrath, Michael Gerali, Robert Ryerson, Robert Klein, Justin Belair, John Marroni and Mike Padawer combine theirknowledge, experience and expertise to assist anyone looking to create their optimal retirement plan.

Recent press such as a review by Mary Beth Franklin of Investment News has propelled the book onto the national stage by comparing the impact of the book to the prophetic best seller of forty years ago, ‘Future Shock’: “More than 40 years ago, author and futurist Alvin Toffler stunned the world with his predictions of rapid industrial and technological changes that would result in the information overload we all experience today. At some point decades in the future, aging baby boomers and their financial advisers may look back and wonder why they didn't heed today's warnings laid out in “What You Don't Know About Retirement Will Hurt You!”  (People Tested Books, 2013), a book by financial professionals Dan McGrath and Michael Gerali, and several of their like-minded colleagues.”

The book is currently in the Top 10 of Retirement Planning books on Amazon, which is a significant achievement for a small publisher. Its status as a best seller shows the appeal and need for this controversial book to alert investors, advisers and retirees to the concerns that rising healthcare costs are causing on retirement planning.

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