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Social media marketing has become one of the most popular buzz words to describe the recent change in marketing for small, locally-based businesses. Proper business marketing requires having a system for your content development and proper keyword use.

Here are some valuable tips to make sure you plan for a lead generating social media strategy for your business.

Step 1: Content development
If you want a successful small business, you will need to have a certain set of marketing strategies in place.

The first part of your marketing plan should focus on content development. Is it fresh and relevant to what people are looking for today?

There are sources you can check, like Twitter and Monitter in order to find out the latest trends charted for the day. Use these sources to incorporate imperative information into your content. It is important to follow these trends so that you are always on the forefront of what people are searching for.

Are you offering something for free? Use your social media tools to give away things like free information and reports, or coupons and special discounts. Items like these are great at grabbing the user’s attention, building your credibility, and leading to a sale.

When you are distributing your content on the Web, make sure your copy is search engine optimized. Your content needs to be written in a very specific manner so that Google can easily find your relevant article when keywords are typed into the search engines.

When the keywords are strategically placed, your content will be among the top of the list, ensuring you more website traffic.

It should be noted that this Web marketing strategy can be abused and therefore, work against you. Search engines are more advanced than they were several years ago, and merely stuffing the content with your keywords in inappropriate places will not get you more website traffic. The spiders that search for relevant content are able to find informative and well written articles, while sifting out the ones that are simply packed with keywords but provide no substantial information.

Step 2: Keyword research
If you are looking for the right keywords to add into your content, you first need to do some research.

Do a search to find out what other Web surfers are using in order to find information on your page. This also works for phrases you want to include in your content. When you collect a list of relevant keywords, you can then implement them into your copy. Take note that they need to go in specific places: title, teaser, subheads, and sprinkled throughout the meat of the content.

However, be careful not to go overboard on the density and get banned as a spammer. You need to make sure the keywords fit seamlessly into the copy without compromising the integrity of the information.

This system of online marketing is incredibly solid. If you follow these steps and develop a system that works for you, you will be able to manipulate the social media tools to work to your greatest advantage.

It requires research and skillful writing, but when done correctly, will increase your Internet visibility and thus get your more traffic to your site.
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