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Here's a few quick ideas to help you with your marketing plans. When you're creating or revising your marketing plan, build in a long-term view by planning to stick with your plan for at least six months, and a year is preferable.

Now, if you focus on selected marketing avenues for at least six months, you'll have enough data to decide if you should keep doing what you're doing or switch to something else. Inherent in this approach is the understanding that you must initially select marketing tactics that you can cultivate and grow over a 6 to 12 month time period.

It's never enough to run one ad, one direct mailer, one social medial campaign, because one-shot marketing rarely works.

Are you able to commit to running one a month for six months? If not, for whatever reason, then that marketing tactic is not the correct marketing avenue to pursue right now.

Follow the six month rule to give your marketing a chance to take hold and blossom.
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