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Agents, general agents and recruiting managers have given away the booklet, "Common Denominator of Success," by Albert E.N. Gray for years with the distribution easily in the millions.

It plainly describes what traits an agent needs to have to be successful in the insurance business. It was razor edge sharp in delivery and description.

The secrets?

Simple message — designed for short delivery time and/or buy in
Compact physical booklet — like a small gift
Laser-focused on key points — to identify or eliminate a prospect
Ideal prospecting tool — for the specific market of insurance agents
Transferable concept — even to other issues and industries
The message withstands the test of time — concept from a 1940 speech
Challenge of a paradigm shift and habit change — commitment
A call to action

These secrets, among others, are identifiable and career changing if adopted and exercised repeatedly over time. I would never challenge the impact and influence this one concept has had over the years. I personally handed out hundreds of them.

But now, measured from my own experience, and as great as this message is, I realize the absence of the purposeful decision that precedes and preempts this concept. And, here is the resulting mantra:

“Success is relative — Decisions are definable.”

I too have recruited and trained scores of insurance agents over the years to learn that the decision comes before the habit change or paradigm shift.

Point is, in order to become successful in any business we need to pay strict attention to our methodology and the patterns/models that we used to arrive at life or career changing decisions. The bigger payoff is to continue to make sound decisions in all areas of our lives.

If we can define that model and transfer it, we can then influence others — clients, relatives and friends — to make difficult and challenging decisions in all the other areas of their lives — perhaps the decision to buy a suitable financial solution that had previously been stuck in “IWTTAI” (I Want to Think about It) land.

Here’s the challenge: In this digital community, it will be simple for you to publish your own (USP) digital booklet of what you believe to be the Common Denominator of Success in today’s economy and society. It will be revealing and insightful, especially to your own clientele.

We have written one titled, “The Common Denominator of Decisioning.” We will be glad to share it.
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