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Face-to-face client meetings used to fill the days of those in a sales position, keeping them busy from morning until night. But with the growth of new technology and increasingly busy clients, scheduling a one-on-one meeting isn’t always possible — or even preferred in some cases. This is where leveraging screen-share technology can help you hold virtual appointments to connect with clients and answer their questions.

An in-person conference is often ideal when meeting a client for the first time, but if you’re a life insurance agent selling policies to companies across the country for their benefit plans, this may not be a feasible option. Here are some benefits of using a screen-share program:

Share information simultaneously

No matter what kind of insurance you sell, you need to show the client your sell sheets and financial models to provide evidence explaining why a certain type of insurance is a good investment for them or their company. Screen-share programs like, Screenleap or TeamViewer, to name a few, allow everyone invited to your virtual meeting to call in — either via phone or computer — and see your computer screen as if they were looking over your shoulder. This process works great with just one person, but it really shines if you need to make an insurance presentation to multiple people.

Accessible documents

Have you ever been in a situation where you forgot to pack one piece of paper, and of course, it contains the most important information? Prior to screen-share technology, you could have called your home office and asked for the page to be faxed to the location where you’d be presenting. The problem is, a faxed document doesn’t look very professional. When using your work computer for a presentation with screen-share technology, it’s likely all the documents you need are already stored on the desktop — or better yet, in the cloud, which allows you to access them even while in the middle of your insurance presentation.

Answer all questions at once

Often when presenting to a group of individuals, one person’s questions will trigger questions from another person. With screen-share technology, everyone involved in the meeting can listen to the answers presented, hopefully reducing the amount of follow-up time needed for you to respond to multiple people, who often have similar questions.
If you haven’t invested in a screen-share technology program yet but are considering upgrading your technology so you can better connect online with customers, here are some features you will want to review before choosing a program:
  • Will you be presenting to individual clients or many people in a business? Some screen-share programs perform better for group presentations than others, so if you plan to have multiple people involved in the discussion, you’ll want to opt for programs that specialize in one-to-many formats.

  • Does the program work with all types of systems, including mobile devices? If you are on a PC and you have clients on Macs, you will want to ensure everyone can use the program. Be sure to find a system that translates well to all operating systems, and may even have a downloadable app for smartphones and tablets if you anticipate you’ll be reaching clients while they’re on the road.

  • How technically advanced does the program require you, the user, and your clients to be? Most screen-share programs require everyone to perform a quick and simple download to get it running on all computers involved in the conference. If you need additional services from the source, you might discover the need for additional technology skills.
When setting up your insurance presentation meeting, be sure to let your clients know you’ll be using a screen-share program. This allows them to have a computer available at the time of the meeting. Send a reminder notification of the upcoming appointment the day prior, and ask everyone to take two minutes to download the program — if not already being used — so they can sign in at the appointed time. This will ensure your presentation stays within the allotted time you scheduled with your clients, keeping everyone on schedule.
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