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Instead of focusing on what you want when you sell, you just might be more successful in selling if you think about what you give. If you're doing any of the following, I'll bet you are selling more.
  • Acknowledging the help that other people gave you so you could win the customer.

  • Serving your customer and fending off competition by building your customer’s confidence and trust in you as well as in your product.

  • Developing a network of relationships in your company so you’re able to provide the level of customer support you’ve promised.

  • Helping a customer by listening and solving a problem.

  • Giving a customer more time to be with their family by anticipating and avoiding a problem.

  • Giving a customer the opportunity to learn a new way to do something.

  • Mentoring other salespeople in your company so they can achieve their selling objectives. 

  • Delivering value by working days and nights and doing whatever it takes to get the necessary, timely information your customers require.

  • Giving your customer increased productivity from a product you sold.

  • Providing reassurance to investors and confidence about their future by anticipating the information they need. 

  • Achieving customer satisfaction by diligently searching and finding the precise product your customer requested.  

  • Guiding a customer to articulate his needs and define the staff required to fit the company’s culture and grow their business.

  • Being available to coach your customer for success.

  • Producing a more effective business launch by getting press attention for a new product introduction. 

  • Helping a customer make a difficult decision

  • Enhancing quality of life by designing a new environment.   

  • Selling to a customer in a way that ensures the absence of buyer’s remorse.
You're doing so much more than just pitching products. Why not consider doing some of these ideas so you can sell more without selling!
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