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Generally speaking, most people like to be heard. They don’t want to sit on the sidelines while you make a verbal run for the end zone.

Despite all the hints, tips and surefire ways given to be a success in the world of sales, everything really boils down to one basic idea. To be successful in sales or business, your focus has to be on solving the prospects’ or customers’ problems.

The more problems you solve, the more successful you will become. In most cases, a successful sale begins with a sales story. Your unique story, told to people every day, will give you the opportunity to offer your service or product, and provide them with the opportunity to have something that they never had before. The exposure you need to get is really a matter of building valuable relationships.

If you're not making enough sales, it is most likely because you are not building relationships with enough of the right people. After all, a sale cannot be made until you have a relationship that likes and trusts you. Be careful, though. The sale is more than just getting their signature — it is also about gaining their trust and belief in your product.

Most people can spot someone only interested in gaining a profit a mile away. Present your sales story so it shows how your product or service can enrich their lives and solve their problems. That way, they will see you as a trusted advisor.

At its core, the art of selling is really quite simple. People just make it complicated. A sales call can be as straightforward as picking up the phone, making an introduction, telling the story and making the sale. Where most people complicate things is in the details.

Be yourself, be direct, and most of all make sure that you don't become too long winded. Generally speaking, most people like to be heard. They don’t want to sit on the sidelines while you make a verbal run for the end zone.

Here is how simply and effectively a sales call can work. Start by picking up the phone. Be sure to say who you are and who you represent clearly, and ask to be invited into the conversation. That way, everyone is on the same page from the start.

The next step is to relate to them the story that brought you to this phone call. Remember, this is a conversation, so make sure you leave enough time for responses and feedback. Actually listening to what they have to say is critical. That way, if the potential client has any questions or objections, you can shift gears easily and handle their concerns.

Finally, once their concerns have been addressed, make sure you ask for something based on the purpose of the call. Quite a number of sales calls never quite make it to this point because the salesperson is too hesitant to ask. Remember, the only way you're going to make the sale is if you actually ask for the business or the appointment.

End the phone conversation with a polite goodbye and a thank you. Remember to always leave the person better than you found them. Your attitude and how you've treated the person will stay with them long after the conversation has ended.

If the potential client has objections, be sure to ask for clarification. Often, objections stem from not completely understanding, or misunderstanding, the product or service. Quite a number of sales have been pulled from the brink of failure just by asking a few clarifying questions.

If they have questions, be sure to answer them as completely and honestly as you can. Never be afraid to admit that you don't know something, but be sure to have a concrete and reliable way of finding out the information. It could be as simple as having an associate or sales manager on speed dial, or your technical support available via instant messaging. The point is to present you and your company as a team, one that can support and guide the potential client through all their changing needs.

Whether you're on your first sales call of your career, or the forty-second this week, it is important to remember that the whole process is only as complicated as you make it. The real secret to successful sale isn't the sale at all. It is the relationship with the client. What has been your experience making sales calls?

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