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Have you ever wondered how certain representatives get up on stage every year? The answer is simple; they are outstanding marketers.

It’s great to have the ability and education to execute an appropriate plan for your clients, but unless you attract new clients it won’t matter. If you are good at attracting traffic, leads and customers then you will give yourself plenty of opportunities to develop advocates. The more fans, advocates and champions you have the easier it is to market yourself.

Getting good referrals is the cheapest, easiest and most effective way to grow your business. People want to work with someone who has attracted a large number of clients, because this makes it easy to trust that you will provide value.

The goal in the financial services industry is to attract as many clients as you can and then turn these into committed relationships.

Committed relationships

A committed relationship in the financial industry is the goal of every relationship. The great representatives who realize that they are marketers first and planners second know that this isn’t enough. They make sure that their committed relationships are broadcasted as far and wide as possible.

Referrals are one great way to do this, but the most successful agents are too good at marketing to just settle for referrals. They also want testimonials, and they use their marketing talents to expand their reach virally.

If you have a website, then you will want to put as many testimonials on it as you can. This is one great opportunity that most agents are missing to build their brand.

Another great way to demonstrate how many committed relationships you have developed is through a Facebook fan page.

Here is my bold prediction

People interact with their social networks all the time to exchange their feelings, insight and opinions. The reason is simple. People like to give their opinions and positions on things that they think are unique and valuable.

The financial-services industry is no different. Making it easy and advantageous for your advocates to share their endorsements with their social network will be critical to your success in this industry.

Eventually the large majority of representatives will have fan pages, websites and other social media that allow them to broadcast their testimonials virally. Like anything else, you give yourself a distinct advantage by getting there first.
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