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“And ‘Early to bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise,’ as Poor Richard says.”
Benjamin Franklin in the persona of Father Abraham

Bill and Tom Newman and their PACE Program were pioneers in the human potential movement and my mentors. Bill taught me by example that Father Abraham’s approach to time and life management worked well.

I had hired Bill to conduct his PACE seminar for a group of my employees. I invited Bill to stay with my family for the two nights Bill would be in town.

When Bill retired the first evening, it was quite early and I asked him when he’d like to get up. Bill said he would awaken at 5:30, and I need not worry. Bill was awake at 5:30 AM. He awoke without the aid of an alarm. Bill had become so accustomed to rising early that doing so was automatic for him.

I’m betting the same was true for Benjamin Franklin and for thousands of other successful people for centuries since and millennia before.

I've followed this advice and practice for decades. My perception of the world, peace of mind, relationships and every aspect of my life has improved since I adopted this approach to managing work and sleep. I also believe that, had I known about and followed this practice earlier in life, I would have avoided many of the mistakes I made before, since, and some I have yet to make.

Think about it... Personal practices reflect and affect every aspect of your life.
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