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It might not be intended as a marketing tool, but the social media site Pinterest is allowing many businesses to do just that. Financial advisors should jump on the bandwagon.

More and more, Pinterest is being likened to Facebook and Twitter as one of the must-use, most popular social media sites — and for good reason. An article on reports that more than 2 million people are visiting Pinterest every single day. The platform has upwards of 73 million users. We can only hope that a good number of these users are interested in financial content.

Type "insurance" into the search line on Pinterest and you'll be directed to a montage of images, most of which you wouldn't find on a typical financial services website. There are cartoons, quotations and infographics, most of which are humorous nods to why you might need insurance, or the costs associated with medical bills. You're probably thinking these images don't really relate to the industry. Exactly.

The philosophy behind Pinterest is streamlining images into users' individual "pinboards", much like Twitter feeds. Amy Mcllwain, who contributes to ProducersWEB about anything and everything social media, says that financial professionals, instead of posting boring photos of dollar bills and other sub-par photography that populate financial media, should pin compelling lifestyle photos on Pinterest. Appeal to your audiences' lifestyles, she says. Do they golf? Hit the movies? Travel? Post photos about the things that interest them, and link these back to your websites.

Many use Pinterest to generate their shopping lists, and as Mcllwain suggests, Pinterest users will soon be employing the platform to shop for financial services. In this article she asks, "People use Pinterest to research and shop for golf clubs, right? Why can’t they use it to shop for the perfect financial advisor?"

She makes a good point. Curt Maly, the Co-Founder of Black Box Social Media LLC, would agree. He just published an article identifying the top five tips for marketers using Pinterest. He says, "Pinterest is one of the fastest growing image-based social networking sites that not only offers a unique approach to the way that people communicate, but it offers incredible potential to maximize your business exposure and brand awareness."

Maly's five tips for using Pinterest:
  • 1. Use original images, not stock photos
  • 2. Share other people's "pins" and carefully categorize your own
  • 3. Create interaction with other users by asking questions and hosting competitions for the best pins
  • 4. Share the most active participants' pins
  • 5. Re-pin other users' content
Sounds a lot like Twitter, huh? It might be time to jump on the bandwagon.
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