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As vacation fever heats up, I’m distracted more than usual. Which is saying something. So bear with me as I bounce around on my pogo stick dressed up as a soap box.

Pundits touted this week’s primaries as a precursor to the midterms later this year, with Tea Partiers promising big changes with the grass roots sweeping out the insider incumbents. (Can you really call such a well-funded organization a grass roots movement? Maybe it's because of all the green.)

Either way, the Tea Party got broken up by the establishment wing of the GOP, with incumbents winning across the board in Georgia, Kentucky, Idaho, Oregon and Pennsylvania. The big one, of course, was Mitch McConnell, who won handily.

Sure, the next few weeks hold the promise of Republican wins in Texas and Mississippi, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

This so-called Civil War (a bit of an overstatement) is all but over, I think. As a Romney family friend told Buzzfeed, “Republicans are sick of losing.” And I think their best bet in the fall is to shy away from the fringe, and toward the mainstream, where more voters are. Besides, it's where Republican candidates will find disgruntled Obama voters.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce won big Tuesday night. Republicans should take note.

On the other side of the aisle, can someone please explain to me why this VA scandal isn’t generating more outrage? And before you point a finger at the “lamestream media,” it’s worth noting that the press is all over this. Hell, I’m sorry, but this is bigger (and more legitimate) than Benghazi. In Phoenix alone, reports point to 40 veterans dying because of delayed care at veteran hospitals. This is shameful stuff.

I hope the VA secretary’s visit to the White House was a painful one. If anyone should be water boarded, it should be these administrators who not only refused to treat our veterans in a timely manner, but then tried to cover it up.

Oh, and in case you’re as out of touch with your kids as our first lady apparently is, you need to check out this story about kids turning away her “healthy” lunch options.

The Washington Times has the story, reporting kids hate the food, and school districts hate the cost. So, lemme get this straight, we have this unelected official, “Mom-in-chief,” as she calls herself, dictating school lunch policy and forcing more expensive food down the throats of students and educators that no one wants to eat? Yeah, that makes sense.

Finally, we have this breaking news gem: Half of those still uninsured said the reason they haven't gotten covered is because it is too expensive. Course, most of those people still hadn’t heard about the subsidies. Or understood them. Or something.

How much cash did Enroll America blow through signing people up again? Money well spent, I’m sure.

Tell me again why we don’t need brokers again?

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