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This week's picks feature an op-ed about what one author calls "pensioncare," thoughts on forced savings, an interesting take on the health insurance boycott, mistakes advisors should avoid when making videos, one man's experience launching his own advising company, questions about Republicans' relationship with the free market, and more.

The ‘Pensioncare’ dream of annuities for all (MarketWatch)

“I don’t want to burst the right wing’s repeal bubble, but Obamacare is now a law, and we all know that laws are pretty permanent. Just in time for the 2014 midterm elections that we all are so eager for, I predict one of the most popular talking points will be what I call ‘Pensioncare.’”

Thinking about forced savings and Hayekian distributism (Forbes)

“The idea is that ‘saving is good’ and it encourages ‘thrift’ and is an alternative to expensive entitlement programs for retirement and other stuff. It was the idea behind President Bush’s Social Security reform plan. It’s an idea my friend Jim Manzi has supported as a way to ‘unbundle the welfare state.’ I used to be deeply opposed to the idea, but now I’m not so sure. So here are some thoughts in the interest of getting the conversation going.”

Advisors: 2 video mistakes to avoid (Financial Planning)

“In my aim to stay relevant and fresh in the marketing space, I’m constantly visiting other financial advisors’ blogs and websites. In my recent visits, I noticed a few things on these sites -- and, sadly, I see them as the mistakes you can make with digital video.”

The conservative (led) boycott of (some) health insurance (The Washington Post)

“So that’s my question: Are those conservatives who are urging people to boycott health insurance actually practicing what they preach? Have they dropped their health insurance, too?”

An economy stuck in second gear (The New York Times)

“As any good standard transmission driver will tell you, second gear is something you pass through as you accelerate to higher gears and a faster trip to wherever it is you’re going. There are a lot of working families out there who’d very much like to join that ride.”

After Detroit, replace public pensions (CNN)

“I understand some public employee unions don't trust an idea they've never considered before, but it's a way of guaranteeing that going forward, cities and municipalities can get their pension obligations off the books, that workers will get the retirement that is promised to them and that there isn't a Washington bailout of those who couldn't find a solution to their ballooning debt.”

5 rules for going solo (Financial Planning)

“In my world, Independence Day came five weeks early. On May 27, I left my job as a financial planner at an established firm and launched my own planning company, Finance for Teachers.”

Free-market fakers (The Hill)

“Republicans aren’t genuine champions of the free market. They are just as happy to meddle, subsidize and regulate as anyone else if it helps lock in campaign contributions, cheer the right lobbyists and grease the way for cushy post-electoral gigs on K Street. The only difference is that they pretend otherwise.”
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