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Making an ebook is not only a great tool to provide information to Web traffic and your followers, it also allows you to establish yourself as an expert on a financial topic.

In exchange for a good ebook, people are willing to exchange a valuable piece of information, their email.

But starting an ebook can sometimes be challenging, so we thought we’d share seven easy steps to creating a great ebook.

1. Choose a topic: Sometimes, the hardest part is knowing where to start. Look back at previous blog posts or newsletters that you wrote. Is there a particular blog that received a lot of attention? Is there a piece of writing that you feel you can expand on? Typically, a blog post is around 500 words long. The beauty of creating an ebook is you have the chance to elaborate on a topic where you feel you have a wealth of knowledge.

2. Create an outline:Take the time to write out a brief outline on the topic you chose. Laying out a brief table of contents allows you to write on a topic when you have a moment to spare. And instead of having to write continuously, you can start at a chapter you feel inspired to write about. Trust me, it may seem like a small step, but when you are putting your ebook together, you will be so glad to know the direction, and that there is an end to the tunnel.

3. Write your content: Setting reasonable goals for writing your content will make the journey simpler. Start by committing to writing two chapters a week, and in no time, your ebook will be ready to go! You’ll be less likely to put your ebook off to the side, and you’ll feel less overwhelmed by the process.

4. Make it visual: Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but graphs are worth a thousand and one. Using graphs to support your points adds interest and appeal to your ebook. They also add authority and help establish you as an expert in your financial niche. Basically, they are a really good thing.

5. Create a cover: Covers are important when it comes to grabbing the attention of the reader. Use a great photo and colors that represent your brand.

6. Choose a catchy title: Having a catchy title invites people who visit your website to download your ebook. Also, as a side note, people who download your ebook are considered middle of the funnel leads, because they are already interested in the education you are providing.

7. Upload behind a form: Finally, upload your ebook behind a form on your website. If readers are willing to give you some form of their personal information to read your insights, they are considered a higher quality lead and you have better odds of converting them to a client. So, having a great title can ultimately help you generate more leads and clients.

Bonus: Don’t forget to share your newly created ebook! Social media, linking to it in your newsletter, and writing a blog post announcing it’s creation are all excellent ideas.
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