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How to close larger life insurance cases (LifeHealthPro)

“The sale is made when you get to the four universe discussion. Given these four choices, ask your clients what feels best. Stop and listen. They may like to see a couple of choices. They will tell you.”

Do annuities fit in a retirement plan? (CNBC)

“I had an opportunity to discuss the rapidly changing variable annuity landscape with Mark A. Cortazzo, a certified financial planner … Only an insurance company can guarantee a lifetime income. Since an IRA is typically the largest pool of money that most people have and it is the one that is there to provide a lifetime guaranteed income, it's a very natural place to own the annuity even though it may seem counterintuitive.”

The sorry state of small business retirement plans (Forbes)

“Workers of the small-business world: I’m worried about you. In particular, I’m worried about your retirement.”

Advisors that are only focused on asset allocation are the real dinosaurs of wealth management (The Wall Street Journal)

"From what I saw, advisors were more terrified than clients in the crash. How do you reassure clients about their portfolios when you are wondering whether your company will go belly up? When your deferred stock and net worth are tanking, thanks to the toxic waste that some monkey cooked up in another division?”

Health care costs: your retirement portfolio’s dark horse (Financial Advisor)

“Longer life spans, market volatility, increasing medical costs, the elimination of corporate retiree health plans and the uncertainty in the future of Medicare and Medicaid are a few of the reasons that retirees are beginning to adjust their outlook on health-care spending.”

Redefining the next policy debate (The New York Times)

“I just did an experiment, and I promise I didn’t cheat. I told my wife, ‘I’ll bet you both The Times and The Post are leading with the-next-budget-fight stories today on A1’ (she didn’t appear to be listening, but that’s not the point). Sure enough, they are.”

Are you the choice of the next generation? (WealthManagement)

“For the majority of firms in the tax, accounting and financial advisory business, this tire blowout scenario is an apt metaphor. Your well-worn, trusted client base of baby boomers is preparing to ‘blow out’ and apathy toward younger generations of clients has left you without a ‘spare.’”

5 steps to becoming a ‘highly recommended’ brand on social media (Business Insider)

“He argues that the number-one thing that drives business today is recommendations. To win, he says every business, from the corner dry cleaner to a major corporation, should strive to become the most highly recommended brand in its category.”
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