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I am a huge football fan. I played for 12 years and love to watch the game. However, I have tried not to join any fantasy football leagues because I didn't want to get sucked into the vortex of wanting to watch even more stats, scores and games to keep up with my fantasy team. I just don't have time.

My 14-year-old son Josh has joined a league through a group at school. He asked for my help in drafting his team. He picked his players, and now anxiously watches the results of all the games, the stats and the score tallies on his league board. He gets excited when he finds out one of his player has played well, and dejected when he finds out one of them didn't do so hot. And we're only two weeks into the season!

This reminds me a lot of the stock market, and how people view and "play" the market. People are making their picks and then watching to see if they pan out. Sometimes they pan out. Sometimes, the market tanks and all of their picks disappoint. Or, the market shoots up and most of their picks do well. (I'm not talking about professional money managers, advisors and people who don't see it as a game, people who are very professional and methodical about what they do.)

Doesn't this stock market, like fantasy football, tap into this nature of people? The desire to pick winners and avoid losers? The desire to be a part of a game? Although, playing with a big portfolio is not much of a game to the person who owns it, that's for sure.

I'm just wondering if anyone has noticed whether any of their clients plays fantasy football. If so, what, if any, effect you think it has on their outlook when dealing with their investments, their portfolio or just their money in general?
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