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You’ve heard the stats and read the articles about social media: It continues to be one of the top sources of new traffic (and customers) to websites. So, you’ve created accounts on the big networks, added a Swiss army knife of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ sharing buttons to your pages, and maybe even hired a social media consultant to help you get started.

Despite all of these activities, you’re still not getting your share of the social media traffic. Facebook followers trickle in at a glacial pace, and nobody ever clicks the "like" button. Sound familiar?

There’s a simple reason why your site isn’t capturing a larger chunk of social media traffic: The way you create your content is wrong.

You probably know your website needs to be engaging and informative. Your site needs to do more than offer “free quotes." It must engage your visitors with compelling copy that speaks directly to them and connects with them, both at a logical and emotional level.

Yes, you must do all of these things. But when creating new content, you need to go one step deeper and answer this question before you even write a word:

Who is going to share this (and why)?

For a page to get liked and shared, it must be something people want to spread the word about. Build this requirement into the process of creating content for your website and you will greatly improve the chances that your pages spread across social media.

In a 2011 study, “The Psychology of Sharing,” the New York Times outlined five reasons why people share online:
    1. To bring valuable and entertaining content to one another — 94 percent of respondents said they carefully consider how the information they share will be of use to other people.

    2. To define themselves to others — 68 percent of respondents said they share to give others a better sense of who they are and what they care about.

    3. To grow and nourish our relationships — 78 percent of respondents said they share information online because it enables them to stay connected to people they may not otherwise stay in touch with.

    4. For self-fulfillment — 69 percent said they share information because it allows them to feel more involved in the world.

    5. To get the word out about causes they care about — 84 percent of respondents said they share because it is a good way to support causes or issues they mean something to them.
Keep these five reasons in mind when you add content to your site and you will find that more people will share your content with others. Remember, write your content for them. You might just find that they "like" it.
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