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Using Twitter to promote your business is all about participating in the conversation.

A great way to jump into the conversation is by joining a Twitter chat. Twitter chats are scheduled “chats” where people “meet” on Twitter to discuss a topic, industry or trend. To keep track of the conversation they use a hashtag, such as the ProducersWEB Twitter chat #prowebchat.

Tips for joining a Twitter chat:
  • You can use a program like TweetChat or TweetDeck that will allow you to follow a specific hashtag.

      In TweetChat, just log in through your Twitter account and enter the hashtag you want to follow. Then you will only see posts relating to this chat, making it easy to follow.

      To use TweetDeck, download it, create an account and add your Twitter account (all very easy to do). Then add a column. It will prompt you to search. Enter the hashtag of the chat you want to follow in the search, and it will create a column that follows that specific chat.
  • If someone says something you like, you can retweet it or you can respond to a question or comment by mentioning them (see image below for examples).

  • Shorten your links. This way you’ll have more room for commentary. Tweetdeck and Hootsuite can do this for you automatically, or you can use a url shortener like

  • If you have your tweets streaming into your LinkedIn and Facebook pages, you may want to change your settings during the chat so they don’t annoy your friends and connections.

  • Similarly, as a courtesy, let your Twitter followers know when you are joining a chat.

  • Start following people you talk to in the chat.
Two important rules to remember:
    1. Always add the hashtag – if you forget this, no one in the chat will realize you joined in.

    2. Don’t spam the chat — it’s fine to share links to relevant content, but do not use it to advertise.
Here is an example of what a chat looks like on Twitter:


Now that you know what a Twitter chat is and why you should join one, come check out ProWEBchat. Next week's topic will be on targeting Generation X — how to attract clients and employees. ProducersWEB Expert Jason Kestler will be co-hosting the chat, so be sure to check out his series on the issue.

Just log into Twitter and search for #prowebchat to start following the conversation every Tuesday at 3 p.m. EST.
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