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The biggest marketing mistake financial advisors make is that they do not do a great job verbalizing why someone should work with them or be interested in what they have to say. One solution is to develop an elevator statement.

An elevator statement is usually carefully crafted with the hope of describing what you do in a way that attracts attention. The premise of an elevator statement is perfectly valid, but there’s a problem! A well-crafted, memorized, almost-sounds-like you-are-reading-it statement is not authentic. When something lacks authenticity, people are less likely to listen.

So what can you do? Try making it less rehearsed and less about you; make it more about them. We call this an engaging statement. Here’s an example:

I’m a financial advisor, and we work with individuals getting ready to retire. In fact, we’ve helped more than 50 people retire successfully from your company, Abbott Labs.

When creating an engaging statement, it may seem obvious, but the key is to think about the other person and to keep it more conversational. The other person needs to see themselves in your statement and find it to be of interest to them.

Consider creating a handful of engaging statements that you can draw upon to engage the specific person you’re talking with. Focus on who you work with (it helps if you have an idea of who they are —ask them first) and on the benefits of the work you do.

When you make it about the other person, and less about a memorized statement about yourself, the results are markedly better!
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