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By Amanda McGrory-Dixon

Today marks Employee Appreciation Day; however, most companies aren’t recognizing their employees. In fact, according to a Bersin by Deloitte study, nearly 70 percent of employees say they’re only recognized once a year or not at all.

In light of this, MeritShare offers an online recognition program for employers at no charge. MeritShare is also releasing the first U.S. heatmap of employee appreciation as well as a national recognition index that allows employeres to measure and track employee engagement.

"Employee and peer recognition is one of the simplest and most powerful tools to make work better, says Travis Pearl, co-founder of MeritShare. “By giving more people the power to recognize, you can build a stronger and more engaged work culture. Our heat map is a motivating data visualization of the goodwill employees are creating, and our new data analytics and scoring components allow companies to understand their employee engagement based on action and behavior.”

BeachMint, a next-generation social commerce company, is overindexing and leading MeritShare's engagement metrics. According to Jose Martinez, director of customer care at BeachMint, employers can use MeritShare's peer recognition system to strengthen teams, reinforce proper behaviors and encourage motivation.

To use MeritShare’s program, an employee registers with a work email address and then sends a "Thanks" or "Team Player Award” to colleagues. This creates a company-specific work community that showcases awards and comments. After receiving an award, the use can share it on social media, and the program creates a public award page for the recipient. To keep the community active, MeritShare oversees email engagement campaigns, reminders and a weekly email digest.

"To us, it's not about being a blue or red state, but making everyone a green state of appreciation,” Pearl says. “We have made it easy, free and available to all, removing all barriers to recognition.”

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