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Over the past few weeks, Sandy — my wife and partner — and I have been reorganizing our living space to accommodate bringing clients to a home office. During this exercise, I did much of the detail work on our front patio where the American flag flies 24/7/365.

As I was painting, sanding, unpacking and doing other tasks on the patio, the almost constant Colorado sun distracted me by throwing a waving shadow over me. I would stop work to see who or what —unnoticed except for the shadow — was annoyingly approaching me.

As the days went by I came to the realization that I have lived my entire life in the shadow of the American flag. From birth; through WWII; Korea, the turmoil of the 60s; the financial and social trauma of the 70s; Vietnam — during which I served behind a desk in Dayton, Ohio; the Carter years; the rebirth of the American spirit in the Reagan years; the extraordinary boom of the 90s; the terror of 9/11 and the equally extraordinary financial failures of the 2000s; the historic election of a black American as president; and the failure of that president to fulfill the promise his election held.

The shadow of the flag has also protected the insurance and financial advising business. Our industry reflects the essence of the American entrepreneurial spirit. During the turbulent 37 years I've spent as an insurance and financial advisor our industry has created some of the greatest models of American ingenuity and some of the most infamous frauds — you can fill in the names. Regardless, we thrive.

Now, it's time for every insurance and financial advisor to ensure that the shadow of the flag continues to protect us and our clients in the decades to come. It is not enough for us to make a living or make a killing in our business. We must raise our voices and employ our resources to revitalize America.

We can only do that by becoming actively involved in the political process, supporting candidates and issues that empower individual Americans — us and our clients — while reducing the intrusion of outside forces into the lives of individuals and small business. Let's get to work.
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