Funeral Trusts - A Way to Protect Funeral Funds from MedicaidNewsPress Release added by Michael O'Dell on August 11, 2014
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August 11th, 2014 - Michael K. O'Dell National Sales Office With the average senior without long term care insurance, most of them are very concern if they were to enter a nursing home.  To qualify for Medicaid in most states, your assets have to be done to $2000.00.  Even life insurance over $1500 in most states is a countable asset when applying for Medicaid.

The Single Premium life product with the funeral trust is a great way to help seniors keep these funds Medicaid Exempt.  Every senior will need a funeral trust sooner or later.  We are looking for agents in 47 states to market the NEW Funeral Trust Product with NO HEALTH QUESTIONS...Everyone approved from ages 0-99.

The Compensation is the best in the Industry.  With many agents averaging over $ 3000.00 per case in commissions.  A case being a husband and wife at age 65 at $12,000 funeral trust each.  If you wrote (2) cases per month, that's an extra $6000.00 commission monthly.  If you aren't offering the funeral trust product to your seniors, someone else will. Call 877-336-7782 - National SalesGet Started today!​
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