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Are you hosting monthly social events? If not, now is a good time to think about it. Why? Consider a few of the benefits:
  • Give your clients 12 extra opportunities to interact with you during the course of the year.
  • Invite cold prospects to attend your monthly events. Once they enjoy the evening with all your happy clients, they will be more inclined to work with you.
  • Give your clients a consistent, periodic opportunity to introduce you to referrals.
  • These events are low cost, easy to plan, fun and effective!
Restaurants and country clubs can be used for this type of event, but whenever possible, host them in your office so that prospects who attend can grow comfortable with your business environment. This will make them more likely to request an appointment with you. Since the duration of the event should be no more than an hour or so, standing room only is fine, but keep your attendance below 40 so that the environment stays intimate. If it grows too popular to accommodate everyone, there is nothing wrong with hosting a second event each month.

In our office, we host a monthly wine tasting that has become one of our most popular events — clients love it and always bring friends. Here’s how we do it:

As guests arrive, we give each of them a feedback form or raffle ticket, a pen and a printout of the wines we will taste that evening. About 15 minutes before the event is scheduled to begin, our server pours 1 ounce of each wine into 3 ounce sherry glasses we purchased online. This facilitates expedient serving of the wines.

We begin the event by welcoming everyone and sharing our thoughts on recent developments in the market. This takes about 10 minutes.

When this is finished, we pass out the first wine for everyone to taste (as they appear in order on the menu). We share any tasting notes and facts about the wine at that time. After everyone has tasted the first wine, our server begins picking up the empty glasses and serving the second wine. This process continues until all three wines have been tasted. We generally taste two reds and one white at each wine tasting.

Once this process is finished, we have our staff pass out empty, full size glasses to each person in attendance. After everyone has a glass, we pour each guest a glass of the wine they prefer. Once everyone has a glass of wine, we collect all the feedback forms or raffle tickets and have a drawing for the bottles of wine that are left over. This concludes the wine tasting on a fun note, and everyone gets to stay and mingle while they finish their wine. It also helps us collect information from the guests who attend because the form has a spot where they can request an appointment.

If you hold monthly social events in your office, it will foster goodwill with your clients, provide you with a great referral source, and it will be fun! Why not plan your first one in 2011?
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