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This week's picks include life insurance for prisoners, an article representing the Republican stance towards Obamacare, an opinion about how the Republicans won't be able to shutdown funding for Obamacare, time management and LinkedIn tips, a piece on how hybrid annuities might take the place of a long-term care policy, and more.

Does life insurance cover prison inmates? (FoxBusiness)

"‘The high-risk element is something we can get our head around because it's not a moral issue; the guy wants to live and he wants the stunt to go well,’ he says. ‘With felons, you run up against that unknown moral factor. Life insurance is a privilege and not a right. Jail pretty much kills the opportunity to purchase coverage.’”

Bloody GOP civil war (The Hill)

“Behind the scenes, Democrats in the White House and Congress are virtually trembling with anticipatory hope that Republicans in Congress crash the government to a halt with a shutdown aimed at preventing funding for ObamaCare. My view is that the shutdown idea will be dead as a doornail within days of Congress returning from its summer recess.”

Mr. Obama, Republicans do have health care solutions (Fox News)

“Despite the dire prognosis of the president, congressional Republicans have a broad assortment of new and innovative health care ideas. As the public learns more about the details and consequences of President Obama’s health care medicine, they will clearly demand a second opinion. We’re ready to provide one – or many.”

9 smart time management tips for advisors (Financial Planning)

“When are you most efficient in the day? Figure it out -- and then organize your daily time management strategy with your own circadian rhythms in mind, an LPL training consultant told a session at LPL’s annual conference in San Diego this week.”

Annuities: Income now, later – or never (MarketWatch)

“Steve Jobs famously said that ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.’ This statement should be the guiding force behind any decision to buy an annuity. The vast majority of annuities sold today are so complex that only the actual product designers can fully explain the details of the policy. “

Boosting a widow’s retirement savings (Wall Street Journal)

“With the husband gone, a few things became paramount for the surviving spouse, Mr. Van Houten says: The wife, who was 56, needed to make up for the loss of her husband's income, set herself up for retirement and help the business retain its dozen or so employees.”

Can hybrid annuities solve the LTC insurance scarcity? (LifeHealthPro)

“Though a hybrid annuity contract may not be the solution for all clients, for those who seek to protect themselves in the event that extended long-term care becomes necessary, finding long-term care benefits through the use of an annuity product may provide a relatively simple-to-obtain and tax-preferred alternative.”

The ABCs (advantages, benefits, cautions) of LinkedIn for advisors (Financial Advisor)

“A question that constantly surfaces -- how are financial advisors and firms using social media? And, to what end? More specifically, is LinkedIn trending as the primary source of social activity in our industry?”
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