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Here's a handful of some interesting articles we read this week (and we threw in a video, too). Feel free to let us know what you think or share your own recent reads.

Can we cut deficits without killing the recovery? (The Washington Post)

"In effect, we’re instructed both to reduce the deficits and not to reduce them. The contradiction is one reason the budget debate perplexes and paralyzes Americans. We are getting a lot of conflicting advice. Can the different goals be reconciled? The answer is “yes” — at least on paper, though perhaps not in the real world. "

Suze Orman's Take On Financial Planners (Forbes)

"Orman has sound advice if you seek a good financial planner. It really boils down to just 5 words: Someone who doesn’t sell products."

Guess what? Your wife loves annuities (MarketWatch)

"Recently, I was speaking in front of a national gathering of individual investors and traders about a topic that most of these market mavens cared nothing about ... annuities. "

Video: Tech Predictions for Advisors for 2013 (FinancialPlanning)

Life Insurance: The Next Financial Mover? (Barron's)

"It's been a long time coming, but the financial sector can finally say it is back to levels last seen in 2008. For beleaguered financial bulls, this is a good sign."

Why Health Care Challenges Conservatives (Bloomberg)

"The big challenge for conservatives is to take Ponnuru’s point and come up with an agenda that does better than liberals at controlling health-care costs, so families can spend more money on other things. The problem -- and a key reason I think the pro-middle class conservative project is doomed -- is that conservatives’ approach to health care makes this impossible."

For Women, Reduced Access to Long-Term Care Insurance (The New York Times)

"With the entire industry headed toward higher rates, Mr. Slome recently warned women that “the window is closing” and that now is the time to grab a policy while the price is still manageable."

Unclaimed Life Insurance Payouts Top $1 Billion (CNBC)

"In this age of data bases and search engines, it's hard to imagine that anyone could be the beneficiary of a life insurance policy and not receive the money. But it happens all the time."
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