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There are a few different options depending upon how you decide to post your content on Facebook, let’s take a look at the choices.

When Facebook recently launched its subscribe button, many users overlooked its beneficial features, such as allowing users to follow public updates and customizing news feeds. This could not be more advantageous for financial professionals interested in getting their content and messages out on the network.

How, you ask? Well, there are a few different options depending upon how you decide to post your content on Facebook, let’s take a look at the choices.

Profiles If you utilize your profile to post updates and content, the first thing you need to do is actively opt-in to allow subscriptions to your profile. You can then choose to allow subscribers to comment on your updates and control your notifications.

This is the first step to allowing other users to follow you and your content. The next step is to continue to post quality content from your profile that your subscribers would like to see. It’s also important to note that when composing updates you’d like your subscribers to see, be sure to set the privacy to public.

What’s important here is the shift in multiple focuses depending upon the brand image you and your organization are attempting to get across. If you are your brand, and you are trying to brand yourself, then you definitely need to take advantage of your personal profile to post content, due to the rise of the subscribe feature.

If you think this is a reason to steer away from the fan page, think again. Fan pages continue to be essential for companies, brands and products to get their message across and grow a following. These characteristics are very un-individualistic, stressing the importance of continuing to upkeep your organization’s fan page. There are other reasons, too. Let’s take a look.

Fan pages

If you utilize a fan page to post updates and content about your brand, don’t stop. Regardless of the new subscribe feature, fan pages will continue to be the primary and ideal way to get your brand’s message across.

Not only do fan pages better guarantee that most of your audience will see your updates, but they also allow for custom tabs that can better expose and market your brand’s message to its audience. Think iframes and personalized applications. Additionally, pages allow for analytics, multiple administrators and targeted updates. However, much like your personal profile and the induction of the subscribe feature, it’s crucial to continually put out quality content that your fans would like to see.

Maybe you’re interested in promoting your brand and yourself – not a problem. Simply use your profile to post content that pertains to your personal self and image, and use your fan page to post content that pertains to your brand and organization. This is especially beneficial if you have a personal business. Don’t overlook the new subscribe feature just because you manage a fan page, and don’t swear off fan pages just because of the new subscribe feature. Evaluate your company and personal goals and determine what’s best for you and your business’s marketing strategy.

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