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Allison Bell

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The Council for Disability Awareness has tapped Carol Harnett to be its new president. In earlier positions, she's organized insurer-employer efforts to support soldiers from tours of duty.

I'm starting to run into a lot more people who are learning to live with the effects of combat injuries.

A couple of weeks ago, a man with a sign that says he's a veteran of Iraq with post-traumatic stress disorder started panhandling a few blocks from LifeHealthPro.com's New York offices, which are a few blocks from the military recruiting center in Times Square.

I hope he's a creative con artist, but maybe he is what he says he is. How do I know?

One of the issues on my disability-related wish list would be: Let's work harder to keep real veterans off the streets, so it's obvious that any panhandlers who claim to be veterans are con artists.

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