Health care costs: When is the financial industry going to help?Blog added by Dan McGrath on May 15, 2014
Dan McGrath

Dan McGrath

Windham, NH

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The Gallup survey on investor concerns is out again, and look at what was the number two concern again: "Not being able to fund for health care," which came in a close second to the number one spot of "not having enough income."

The question that still remains: When investors find out in a few short years that their income is what is driving their overall health costs in retirement, which also leads to having less income since the bulk of the costs come directly out of their Social Security benefit, what will they say, or even worse, what will they do?

The simplest way to help control this cost of health care is on the shelves of financial professionals today. All that is needed is a plan that incorporates specific annuities, certain life products and possible investments into Roth accounts instead of traditional accounts, and investors everywhere will be able to control their retirement in the very near future.

The rules of retirement have been changed; what you don't know about retirement will hurt you.
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